• The Great Mount Kenya
    an area of great scenic beauty and biodiversity
  • Lake Nakuru
    the Pink Lake often referred so due to it’s Great masses of Flamingos
    “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include
    the freedom to make mistakes.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

Cultural Safaris

This type of Safari concentrates on East Africa's most preserved cultures among them being: The Maasai, The Samburu, The Ogiek,The Mijikenda, The Swahili among others.

Bird Watching Safaris

East Africa has over 2000 species of birds. We take you to the places where you will find majority of these species in their natural environments and let you see how they live as well.

Camping Safaris

We offer all sorts of camping ranging from simple camping and hiking to exclusive camping safaris. Here, our creativity comes out clearly and the addictive nature of East Africa comes out clearly.

Beach Safaris

East Africa is a world renowned destination which has exclusive white sandy beaches with an abundance of sun, world class accommodation and numerous historical and world heritage sites. We design products that best suites your needs and ensure you get the best the region has to offer.

Game Safaris

This entails mostly visiting the game parks, game reserves, conservancies and other places where wild animals are in their natural environment. This gives our clients a chance to experience our Big Five and the Small Many.

Honeymoon Safaris

East Africa is reputed for providing a conducive environment for honeymooners. We facilitate this by offering the best on land as per the timing of our client and their taste and preference as well. We take you to such destinations like the 'Baramoral of Africa' where prince William made his lifetime proposal to his love Kate and others that have made history.

Adventure Safaris

This is a unique safari with ranging degree of adventure depending of the adlenaline levelof the traveler.It includes but not limited to :white water lafting, sky diving ,bicycle tourism, rock climbing, Zip hiking, bungee jumping

Relligious Safaris

East Africa as the most scepticalreligious places and shrines that dates to the introduction of christianity in the region and alot that come with it.Also we have a greatest mosque in Africa_Gadafi mosque and other sites with great value in other religions

Reserch Safaris

We comfortably facilitate reserchers while going about their research topics from a wide scope that includes but not limited to: Geographical, scientific, botanical, cultural, research on events, organizational etc.Our team of experts will set the grounds for you

Agri Safaris

This about the agricultural activities practiced in East Africa.We offer extensive viewing and engangement with the local farmers with an African touch

Why Safari Safi?

We have a team comprising of well trained and experinced service managers with a record in performance.We always look forward.....

How different is Safari Safi tours and ventures from other operators?

We are so different in that the needs of our clients come first excellent service provision is our edge, plus we take you to the places where others wont take you.